Insurance Products

Looking for RV insurance, Mobile Home Insurance, or dwelling Insurance for a rental home or vacant property? Go no further! Rather than surfing the web completing numerous insurance applications hoping to find a cheaper rate than you have today, get multiple quotes from top rated specialty companies with International Insurance Group, Inc. (IIG). Our professional and licensed agents specialize in insuring travel trailers and motor homes, manufactured Homes, and rental properties. Their expertise means they have the knowledge and ability to ensure you get the right coverage that fits your budget.

Because we only represent A rated specialty insurance companies, you can rest assured that your insurance company will have the financial ability to keep their promise in the event of a claim. Why a “specialty” company? Not all insurance policies are created equal, and unfortunately many insurance companies try to cover RVs as cars, mobile homes as stick built homes, or fail to address some of the most important coverage concerns of landlords. This is not the case with our insurance partners as they have years of experience in these specialty niches. Think specialty means expensive? Not, so! Many of our policies are more affordable than our competition because our companies know their markets better than their competition.

Multiple quotes from top rated specialty companies and knowledge agents that help you get the right coverage at the right price; that’s the IIG difference. Get a quote today, and experience it!

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