Vacant Dwelling Insurance FAQs

Vacant Dwelling Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does my existing homeowners insurance cover me if my home is rented or vacant?

A: Almost all insurers will drastically reduce or exclude your coverage if your home is unoccupied for 30 to 60 days or more, or is rented.

Q: Why don’t regular property insurers want to insure my vacant or rental dwellings?

A: Your Rental or Vacant home is more likely to be burglarized, vandalized, burn to the ground or suffer frozen pipes than a home that you live in full time. You must keep in mind that no one will take care of your home the way that you would. Trust in the Vacant Dwelling Insurance Professionals to make sure your Rental or Vacant Home asset is properly covered!

Q: When is a landlord liable for an injury to a tenant or visitor to the rental or vacant property?

A: In most cases, to be held responsible for an injury on the premises, the landlord or property manager must have been negligent in maintaining the property, and that negligence must have caused the injury. The following must be proven for a landlord to be held liable:

  • It was the landlord’s responsibility to maintain the portion of premises that caused the accident.

  • The landlord failed to take reasonable steps to avert the accident.

  • Fixing the problem (or at least giving adequate warnings) would not have been unreasonably expensive or difficult.

  • A serious injury was the probable consequence of not fixing the problem (the accident was foreseeable).

  • The landlord’s failure — his negligence — caused the tenant’s accident.

  • The tenant was genuinely hurt.

A tenant can file a personal injury lawsuit or claim against the landlord’s insurance company for medical bills, lost earnings, pain and other physical suffering, permanent physical disability and disfigurement, and emotional distress. A tenant can also sue for damage to personal property, such as a stereo or car that results from faulty maintenance or unsafe conditions.

Q: What are the main differences between your Dwelling Policies (Rental and Vacant)?

A: Click here to see a matrix comparing Vacant Dwelling, Rental and Owner Occupied Homeowners insurance policies.

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